Reflective Practice 2

Reflection 2 –

+ Ideas by their very nature are mutable, subject to interpretation and arrangement, so to speak, into theories and sustained thought.  So theft is not appropriate in such a context.

v  Ideas have become a commodity and because of this producers and distributors have interests in what happens to ideas (books, applications etc)

+  Values- ideas in education?   Education has become a global commodity too.  Even though it should be a human right – along with food, shelter and water.

v  Educators and learners should acknowledge when they incorporate as part of their own thinking and work, ideas of others.  This is part of acting respectfully towards what makes up ‘education’


The depicted rhetoric of Moglen is very appealing, but I think ultimately simplistic.  Democracy doesn’t just happen – nor does sharing.  It is hard work.

The consideration of approaches from both sides of politics (left and right) means that Lawrence has given pragmatic consideration to how to achieve ‘open’ ness and respect for the ‘creator’.


I like that there is respect for the creator.  In extreme examples the distributor of texts makes lots of money – however this is not always the case. 


I am impressed with OER’s which are, it seems, revolutionising learning now practices now. And soon,   I should like to participate more, and discover more about what is already sitting in repositories as objects or open textbooks. 

I am impressed by the enhanced possibilities of using and creating texts and creating full stop!

 I don’t think the technology or the OER’s per se make learning collaborative.  Collaborative learning has always been around ….. since I was first teaching in a traditional classroom. 



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